About Us

AkiyaOne Hosting Solutions was started in the winter of 2011 with one single goal in mind - create free hosting solutions for people that needed websites. We have done just that. Free hosting. We will work with you to begin hosting your very own website. We just ask that you help us out by telling other people about us, our mission, and our dedication.

We host Star Trek Simms and personal websites currently, with many more possibilities.

You can contact us using the above tab. Thank you!

About The Staff

William - Administrator
William is the owner and operator of AkiyaOne Hosting Solutions. William has held numerous jobs in the past, but currently works retail sales at a sporting goods chain and is a cashier at a home improvement store as well. He can normally be found in front of his computer if he is off of work, which is rarer than it used to be. Some of his favorite things to do include simming and watching various Star Trek episodes. He is CO of the USS Shanghai and plays other characters as well throughout Obsidian Fleet. William enjoys reading and writing, as well as building computers. He is a junior majoring in Communications at a western United States college and is a Business Management minor. He can be contacted using the "Contact the Administrator" link in the Contact Us page.